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Under everything we do as a company is the desire to make a lasting impact

for every person we serve.

Success for us has to do with more than simple financial return.

Success is found in serving each person in such a way that a positive change happens in or for them.

This is #TheNatsonDifference.

Our Mission


Our mission and journey is to exceed the expectations of our investors, team members, guests, and communities by serving the world - one person at a time - through personal and profitable stewardship of their investments. 


Each property finds itself in the middle of a community. We see each of our properties as integral parts of the fabric of their city and the people they serve. Each of our properties is involved with and instrumental to the growth and health of their communities. 

I went to Ridgeland Hardeeville High School to give a presentation about hospitality business for 10th & 11th grade students in the 'Diamonds and Pearls Club'.

They will stay in our hotel to experience hospitality business from both the guest and employee perspective. 

Rita Chalmers, GM, Hampton Inn - Bluffton, SC

"From check in to check out, the service was spectacular. It is obvious that this hotel is well managed. This is our new go-to hotel when in this area."

guests at Springhill Suites Sarasota, FL


Each guest comes to one of our properties with their own story and their own reasons for traveling. Whether it be in joy or in grief, for an extended stay or just one night, we have the opportunity to impact each guest. 


We love our team members. They are the core of our organization and they are the face of our company to many. We want to serve each team member in such a way that they are better human beings because of the time they have spent on our team. 

Natson has been the guiding light in my career - properly placing me in each position at the right time to not only make those hotels and teams more successful but myself and Natson as well. I look forward to continuing my career growth within Natson after five very successful years.

Adam Takach, Regional Director of Operations

Investing my money with Natson has allowed me to find financial success and to make an impact in the world."



Each investor has trusted us with managing their investment to generate a maximum return. We want each investor to have reason for their trust in us - both through a financial return and the personal interactions we have with them.

Our Vision


We want to leverage hospitality to make a difference for and with each person we serve.

Our Values


We are FOR each other.

We are a family of team members at every level. As a family, we aim to leverage whatever we have for the greater good of each person and for our company.


Our vision is where and who we want to be,

our mission is how we will get there,

and our values are what keep us heading in the right direction. 

Our values create the acronym S.E.R.V.E. because

at the end of the day, we want to serve each

team member, guest, investor, & community.

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